My last project which I started when I started sixth form was

If you were expecting something funny or witty about me things,  read a list of some right here then come back when you feel satisfied

My current plan with this blog is to be lifestyle and things I like in general, there is going to be no structure whatsoever. Which is ironic because ‘no structure’ pretty much sums up life atm. I also don’t plan on being super personal with this blog, mainly because people I know will snoop around on this secretly (If you know me can you just leave and give me some privacy, thanks).

I’m by no means a ‘writer’ infact I can’t write for shit, but I have thoughts and this is where i’ve decided to throw them. I recently found out i’m dyslexic but I’m not sure how much of my poor grammar is due to that or just me being stupid?

I’ve also have several debates with my mates about whether it should be splash of thoughts or splash of thought or splashes of thoughts, but who really cares. They all sound shit.

I may come across as a dick or someone who thinks they’re funny.. (that’s because I am and I do) sometimes.


I guess you need to know something about me so below i’ve listed some things that I like:

Updated list as of 15th July 2018

  • Fargo, Mindhunter, The Sinner are must watch Netflix shows
  • I volunteer in a charity shop in my little spare time (Sue Ryder)
  • This has been the worst and best year of my life (in that order)
  • You will be able to read about it one day and it won’t be on this blog
  • I can now run up to 15k (but as of writing this I haven’t ran in about 3 weeks – we’re having a heatwave in England)
  • Speaking of England, it didn’t come home but they managed to make me care about the national team again.
  • I like writing letters
  • I’ve learned to let go of things, some people can’t… that’s their problem.
  • My friends mean the world to me, they’ve done more for me than any family could do (except my parents obvs). I’m very lucky to have them and wouldn’t be here without them.
  • I’ve also met lots of people this year who I never thought I would and have become good friends
  • I still buy books I never have time to read


The following below was updated over 2 years ago, I can’t be bothered to update it as it’s not really something many people are going to read anyway – 26 June 2018

  • taking pictures (instagram plug: splashofthought)
  • making pancakes (fuck pancake mix though, make your own)
  • I do like being nice to people sometimes (nah i’m joking, TRY AND BE NICE ALL OF THE TIME)
  • Youtube, I mean who doesn’t (Casey Neistat, Ben Brown, Jus Reign)
  • Netflix, duh
    • Daredevil (the last show I watched, brilliant 29/03/16)
    • Game of Thrones
    • Entourage
    • House of Cards
    • Sons of Anarchy
    • Breaking bad
    • Better call Saul
    • Bates Motel
    • American Horror story 
  • Films
    • Last two films I watched (29/03/16)
    • Hateful eight
    • 10 Clovefield lane
  • Music
    • RHCP 
    • Oasis
    • Catfish
    • Kanye (not yeezus or pablo though, sorry) 
    • Twenty One Pilots
    • Florence
    • Lana Del Rey
    • Halsey
    • Zella Day
    • Alabama Shakes
    • Arctic Monkeys
    • Banks
    • Rolling Stones
    • the XX
    • Circa Waves
    • Chris Stapleton
    • Frank Turner
    • Green Day
    • Imagine Dragons
    • Kano
    • Wretch 32
    • Kasabian
    • Kid Wave
    • The Killers
    • The Kooks
    • Nas
  • Okay i’ll stop with the music
  • I like buying books that I never actually have time to read
  • listening to podcasts
  • Football
  • Muesums
  • Galleries
  • Train journeys
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • WWE
  • Crisps (why did walkers stop doing BBQ, if you live in America feel free to post me Lays BBQ)
  • Pepperoni pizza
  • McDonalds
  • Timelapses
  • Sunsets
  • Planes
  • Making pointless lists

Right so, i’ve managed to talk about myself. Make a list and now you’ve made it here….

If you do have anything to say

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As a reward for making it to the bottom of this page you’ve won a pat on the back, congratulations. (I was drunk when writing this and you have no idea how many attempts it took to write congratulations, it was so wrong even autocorrect had no idea wtf I was trying to say).