24 hours without my phone


I haven’t written anything in a long time, since Christmas I think… so now I’m going to make sure I write something at least once a week, life has been a bit crazy but now it’s good.

(I know I’ve said this so many times and then you have to wait another few months for a blog post but now things are changing.)

Anyway, when I leave the house I always check to make sure I have 3 things; my phone, wallet and keys.

I decided to take my phone out of the equation for 24 hours and see how long I’d take before I crumble like a chocolate digestive that’s been stood on. (I don’t know what kind of sick person would do that.)

I decided to start at 10am, swapped my phone for a pen and notepad to write. below is what was written, or at least what I was able to decipher from my handwriting.

10am – I’ve only just begun and already had to take my fitbit off because it’s saying i’m not connected to my phone, the notification is annoying me. It’s not even that annoying but it’s winding me up.

10:07am – I’m drinking tea and was on autopilot and tried to pick up my phone, i’ve put my phone in my wardrobe just fyi.

10:09am – see usually I scroll pointlessly through instagram or twitter at this point but i’m actually having to watch tv, Saturday kitchen is on tv. The guests are annoying, even if they think the food is shite they probably pretend it’s amazing. I’d just love for a guest to try the food and spit it out like nah what the fuck is this mate.

10:35am – my plan is to catch a train to see an old friend, and then see where the day takes me. Typically I use the trainline app so it’s as easy as walking into the station and spending 30 seconds putting in the collection ref. But now i’m going to have to use the stupid machine and hope I buy the right ticket.

10:37am – luckily my mate knows i’m doing this and is meeting me at the station at 12, but just realised i’ve forgotten to tell everyone else. So they’ll either think they’re being ignored or i’m just dead.

???am – buying my train ticket wasn’t that hard but I almost forgot to use my railcard, also no idea what time it is as I took my watch off earlier.

11:47am – train stations have clocks

11:48am – I wish I still had my old iPod because I need to drown out the sound of this annoying couple arguing

11:49am – They’re arguing because of something he posted on facebook, not today satan.

1:03pm – At the pub having some drinks and sweet potato fries, couldn’t take an aesthetically pleasing photo of it for instagram, gutted.

1:30pm – just realised it’s only been a few hours without my phone, I feel lost I don’t know what to do. (besides drink more.)

1:47pm – fuck Chelsea (FC)

2:58pm – we’re meeting up with some other folks now for drinks and it’s happy hour for a few hours so this will keep me distracted

4:73pm – I just felt my phone vibrate, but there’s nothing in my pocket. My phone is never on vibrate either wtf is going on

5:30pm – i’ve just realised I put a time which doesn’t exist really does it but is it because im drunk or does it really exist in a different place

5:47pm – ?

5:55pm – I’m noticing how often people go on their phone just to fill a void like its just weird

6:21pm – we have pizza but no garlic bread wtf is this shit

6:27pm – we have garlic bread now dw

6:40pm – what if someone has an emergency are need to call me like what do I do because this idiot over here didn’t even tell anyone now I feel anxious

6:57pm – too drunk to care

7:01pm – I genuinely feel so free without my phone it’s such a nice feeling I can’t explain how it feels, actually yes I can. It feels like breathing with your eyes closed in a field, an empty field.

7:59pm – I’ve just realised I had plans to go to primrose hill with one of my friends but completely forgot and now I need to somehow call without a phone and using another mobile would be cheating

8:10pm – if you’re reading this beth oops sorry

8:26pm – I don’t like tequila

8:27pm – I wonder if anyone misses me or thinks im dead yet

8:30pm – this was such a stupid idea for a blog post literally if you’re reading this please enter my life I need your level of patience

8:36pm – i’ve been thinking a lot today

8:43pm – got distracted my BY* social interaction and lost my train of thought so can’t tell you what i’ve been thinking about

9:12pm – what did people do without phones, they talked to eachother and were a lot happier like i’ve been today – mind u I wouldn’t do this again tho

9:22pm – I feel so cool with my lil notebook and pen

9:47pm – my handwriting is so bad like if someone found this notebook in a hundred years they’d think this is a different language or fucking hieroglyphics – I spelt that with the help of 3 people

11:99pm – I made it home winged everything

??pm – I have an app called pillow which tracks my sleep and wakes me up at the perfect time always which is how I survive on little sleep but I guess I can’t use it tonight so

??pm – I don’t have a clock in my bedroom, usually I always lay in bed and scroll through insta and do some emails so I feel productive then youtube for about 15 mins then fall asleep

??pm – I just missed my mouth and spilt water on myself

??pm – a good scenario for without a phone would be going somewhere haunted or scary, but knowing my luck there would be an actual murderer or something and then we wouldnt be able to ring 999 or if it was something paranormal i’d be stuck there forever and ever well my spirit would be and that would be the same as dying pretty much I guess, how wait spirit would mean im dead never mind im waffling now, waffle waffle waffle

??pm – not a fan of waffles but fancy some crepes right now

??pm – just woke up to 0 notifications and only sign of time being the sun outside ?? hours to go

9:45am – 15 mins away, im going to be disappointed if I don’t have lots of notifications. But then again notifications stress me out

10:00am – I don’t think i’ll post this as it didn’t turn out to be what I expected but a cool little personal experiment nonetheless – amar.
So there you go, wasn’t really post worthy but then again who’s decides if something is post worthy? what even makes something post worthy? questions are the answers you might need

Hope you enjoyed this car crash of a post, I will start writing again.


Art by Angela He


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