My first annual (Christmas) gift guide

Christmas is right around the corner, oh shit.. it’s only 2 weekends away and not even got wrapping paper let alone presents to wrap. Okay so yeah I should have done this weeks ago. But then again I never thought i’d ever be doing a blog post like this because wtf do I know? Well fuck it, let’s give it a go. Before I even begin if you need any inspiration, just go to your nearest TIGER store. 

I’ve put Christmas in brackets because most of these aren’t exactly festive so you can gift them on any occasion really?


One Line a Day Memory Book – £9.58 – £12.99 (depending on which design you choose)


Self explanatory, write one thing a day everyday (well try to) and this will last you 5 years. The way it’s set out makes it extremely easy to see what you were thinking (or did) a year ago. I’d say this is a pretty safe ‘thoughtful’ present even if the recipient isn’t into writing.

View product

HP Sprocket – £119.00



Everyone loves photos right? this is a pocket-sized portable printer. And yeah it’s literally portable as it’s rechargeable. It prints onto paper which also has adhesive meaning it’s ready to go right into your little photo album. In fact if you forget to buy someone a present, just print out some photos… put them in little album and voila! thoughtful present. Here’s the best part… it doesn’t need ink. It The only thing you’ll ever need is photo paper. I’d even pick this over a Polaroid camera.

It’s available in red, white and black. View product

Dodow – £44.00




In theory this does makes sense and on average should help you sleep 2.5 times quicker than you usually do. And there is actually some science behind it. 2.5 times may not sound like a lot but think about how many hours a year, even a month… you spend finding it hard to fall asleep.  (Watch this video if you want to understand this a bit better)

Oh and if you use it for a few weeks and it doesn’t work for you, they’ll give you your money back!

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Philips hue lighting – £16.49 – £69.99 (depending on model)




Lighting is essential and so is mood lighting in my opinion. I have mine in my bedroom, during winter evenings I have it set to an orange making it feel like a sunset in my room. You can have it in the living room which is where most people put theirs, even for a gamer who typically sit in the dark with the bright screen lighting up the room. It’s so versatile. The models listed below vary, some are very basic and have touch controls. The more expensive one you can even control with Alexa if want to. It’s a present which anyone (even kids) will use.

Philips LivingColours Micro Soundlight (£16.49)

Philips Living Colours Micro Colour Changing Mood Light (£29.99)

Philips Hue Personal Lighting Bloom Colour Changing Mood Light (£49.99)

Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting 2 m Lightstrip (£49.99)

Philips LivingColors Aura Colour Changing Mood Light (59.29)

Philips Living Colours Iris Colour Changing Mood Light Clear (£69.99)

Cacti Cacti Cacti


Pyjamas, socks, underwear, key rings, lamps, jewellery dish, t-shirts, socks. EVERYTHING

Cacti on ASOS

Cacti on John Lewis

Cacti on Paperchase

Blue Planet II book – £11.49


It was the most watched tv show of 2017 (I’d put David Attenborough on this list if I could) this book has the most unimaginably stunning photography. By the way all of his shows release books, I have the frozen planet ones and they’re also amazing. Great gift for all ages.

I’ve put the amazon link below, don’t you dare buy the kindle version.. BUY THE PHYSICAL ONE THAT YOU CAN HOLD IN YOUR HAND AND TURN PAGES.

View product

I feel like i’m about halfway through writing this, I was expecting this to be miles easier than it is. So far i’ve given you 2 books, 2 lights, and a cacti overdose. Oh yeah and a printer.

I’m gunna make a cup of tea and get some raspberry and coconut cake. But I really fancy some ribena, okay i’m gunna have ribena and after this episode i’ll make a cup of tea. Just for context it’s 11pm and i’m watching Dark on netflix, don’t really know wtf is going on but it’s meant to be good. Only on episode one.

It’s been 15 mins and I haven’t got up yet.

17 mins now, got distracted by a Thomas the tank engine stunt video – watch it here it’s amazing.

Just realised i’m 1 day behind on my advent calendar (still not got up yet)

Got my ribena, on that note have you ever had hot ribena? sorry I just don’t get it.. no thanks

I’ve been overthinking this list a bit and wasted loads of time, time to finish with basics.

Lush bath bomb gift set – £no idea


I’d tell you which one I like or how much it is but just my luck the website is down.

I’m almost certain they do gift boxes

By the time you read this it won’t be so head over there and have a look

Cat toy – £11.99


If you cat doesn’t like the toy at least they’ll have a box to play with

View product

Heated toast pillow – £29.99


A rechargeable toast pillow, what more could you possibly want?

View product

I’m too tired to think of things and if I try it’ll be Christmas by the time I finish this so here is he last one.

Subscription box


Maybe buy them a subscription box? it’s different and they’ll have something to look forward to (for however long you buy it for).

To make up for how lacklustre this list was here’s a list of websites i’d recommend if you’re out of ideas



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