How to get free stuff from Amazon

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This post is going to annoy a lot of “genuine” or “passionate” amazon reviewers who class it as a hobby, like really? hobby? I’ll save that for another day.

(A moment of silence for their opinions which we don’t care for)

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This is a part of the way Amazon indexes it’s products, if you have product A and product B, keep in mind they’re identical. If product A has dozens of good reviews and purchases (even if they are reviewers) that will come up first. And obviously you’re more likely to purchase a product that has reviews.

So what these private sellers do is contact Amazon reviewers and say something along the lines of this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 15.18.44Review our product, give it a “fair” one and we’ll give it to you as a gift. Now to be fair a lot of sellers do still make you pay between 20p and 1 quid for it (I know it’s appalling, how dare they).

This post may seem like i’m completely slagging these kind souls when I’ve received over 900 pounds worth of goods over the past 4-5 months.

The point is, there are customers who are buying these products (some of which are so bad I didn’t even want them for free).  They’re being fooled into thinking these reviews are genuine because it says purchased, but it should say whether the person purchased it at the full price or got a discount like me.


So how do I get in on this?

Go through all of your amazon orders and start reviewing them, even if it’s one line! literally just build your amazon profile, almost like a portfolio.  Make sure to add a photo to your profile and contact details.

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Start contacting people

Start small, with something like a usb charging cable or something. I know that might sound stupid but mine always break and I’ve been through at least 10 of them. You click on the sellers name then contact them saying “i’m an Amazon reviewer could I have a sample in exchange for a review”. Something along those lines, there’s no formula… it’s one big blag,


Someone will send you something or give you a promo code, which is a 99% or 100% off code in most cases.

Photo 20-04-2016, 15 10 14

It’s all about ranking and your profile too.

If your profile looks like it’s active, and your ranking is good. Watch the offers roll in, I haven’t contacted anyone for anything since dec 2015. Literally even my grammar, you know how bad it is. But on Amazon it’s even worse, but nobody cares.


The picture below is a review of the first product you saw, an iPhone charging cable. This is the complete opposite of what I’ve told you to do. This is someone who takes it very seriously, now i’m not knocking them. I just think I should show you what the right way looks like.


Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 15.31.31

Now I said I wasn’t knocking it but c’mon mate, I’ve seen film reviews shorter than this.


Anyways I hope that was insightful, I apologise for my colourful language, but life is better in colour. (Just pretend that was poetic).



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