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Another thing I’ve always wanted to do on my blog. LISTS. I love lists man… sigh, if only I felt the same about completing to do lists, as opposed to making a list of ways to procrastinate.

This is in alphabetical order by the way, just incase you thought it was a top 5.  I’ve also picked a video so you can get a taster of what their content is like.

02/11/17 UPDATE: Casey is meh now – check out JON OLSSON 



Ben Brown is a daily vlogger, filmmaker and photographer. Well I guess you could say it’s all the same thing. He lives the dream, travels the world with his friends and gets paid for it. What more could you want? He’s from London but also lives in Cape town.


Yes, I’m aware BuzzFeed isn’t a person. But their content is great.




Casey Neistat


Casey has changed the whole vlogging game, and turned it upside down. He’s been delivering content every single day at 8am on the dot, at a quality which nobody on Youtube can match. I’ve been watching his videos since his very first vlog and not only do you get an insight of his life in New York, his travels and beme (his app), he gives life tips and tells stories at the same time.

Devin Graham


Devin Graham and his team travel the world and make amazing videos, that’s all I have to say.


If you love science and questions about space and anything really, even philosophy.  You know what, even if you aren’t into science you’ll find it interesting and watch it till the end.


Who are your favourites?


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