My first post – Trains

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I have no end goal with this blog (goals is such an annoying term nowadays, I’ll revisit that topic)  or collection of thoughts.. well whatever I want to call this.


But firstly,

I want to highlight a few points, or in other words explain myself before I drench this blog with over-opinionated nonsense.

I’m not taking this seriously, this is simply a place for me to ‘express’ myself (cringe).

I’m not a good writer, so excuse my bad grammar and lack of proof reading (one thing that’s really going to annoy you is my overuse of commas and brackets, brackets are fucking great).

I’ve called it  “splash of thoughts” because that’s it – there is going to be no structure or plan. Today I’m on about trains, tomorrow it might be potatoes. Who knows?


I have a two-hour train journey to Sheffield, so now is a good time to start. This gives me a subject to begin with: train journeys.


I’ve been taking train journeys between Bedford and London for as long as I can remember, even more than I’ve taken the bus. What I do on trains hasn’t changed since I was a kid. I always seem to stare out of the window with or without music. It might be my fascination with clouds and fields; there’s something quite therapeutic about staring while the train effortlessly glides through the beautiful surroundings. (The journey through the Pennines being the most pleasing to the eyes).

What you see outside has an impact on how you feel sometimes, now I’m no psychiatrist, but taking a train on the run-down areas (outskirts of any city) is such a depressing sight. Along with the awful graffiti, (keyword awful as a lot of graffiti is artistic) most of it is just gang names, postcodes and “I woz ere”. Well we know you were there you bellend. Another thing I always think. Which, I’m sure someone else must, is “how the fuck did they get up there and spray that”. Often on a bridge above a river.

Quiet people

Most people fit into this category on one day or another. Whether they’re quiet, feeling low or just plain awkward. They’re the type of humans you want to be surrounded by on a train. You can go about whatever you want to do and they won’t say a thing. (Within reason, try to refrain from masturbating on a train).

Loud / annoying people

The opposite end of the scale, typically its people who spend most of their journeys on the phone. I take a big sigh of relief when their signal cuts out BUT THEN THEY JUST KEEP TRYING TO CALL BACK AND IT INFURIATES EVERYONE INSIDE SO MUCH THAT THEY JUST do nothing about it because we’re British.

Sometimes there’s people who seem to think the train is actually a pub and the last call is when the train arrives…  downing as much as they can. Typically they look like chavs, which brings me onto the subject of playing music out loud. Those who seem to have their earphones so loud that they may as well be speakers infuriate me (inside). Are you that deaf that you need to turn it up to 3 million decibels so even the train driver 8 carriages away can hear your shit music taste?


I have no problem with hunger, everyone’s gotta eat. BUT not when I can smell it from a different fucking train, did I just walk into a chippy?  Isn’t exactly nice when you’re starving or even worse… if it just smells horrid. I did once try to eat a pastry on a train and I strongly suggest not doing it. It was a horrible experience. The crumbs were like a waterfall, but not a pleasant one. At one point. the woman sat opposite me smiled and said “I bet you regret this now”. I responded with a nod of shame.


On this train to Sheffield, there was an old lady in front of me with two bags, one of which she was clearly struggling with. Everyone just walked past her not acknowledging her. (I helped her with her bag, being the good Samaritan I am. Christ imagine the bag weighed a lot and I wasn’t able to lift it… would have been embarrassing).  I’ve arrived in Sheffield now, hence the past tense. The weather is… unpleasant.

Pervs. Sometimes I see a girl sitting by herself and a guy will sit next to her, when there’s literally dozens of spare seats. And the one that is a pet peeve for everyone, when one person sits alone on a table seat (I must admit I do, but only because I usually need a plug for my laptop). Along with that there’s people who seem to think their bag deserves a seat??? Did you buy an extra ticket for you seat?? No??? Oh :/.  I understand people do it because they want to be alone, but an easier way of doing this is sit in the aisle seat, and leave the window seat empty. Mostly people won’t ask because it’s awkward.


I wrote this a few months ago, and honestly i’ve just read it back while publishing it now and thought what the fuck is this.

But it’s currently 2am and I didn’t want to put it to waste.



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